About Us
The Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy  is an exness organization set up by the Government of Karnataka  in  the year 1994 to promote and preserve Konkani language, art, literature and culture in the state of Karnataka.  The Academy’s aim is to contribute towards the overall development of Konkani heritage by encouraging writers, researchers, artistes etc. and to bring Konkanis from all areas together. Total revival of Konkani art, literature, music, folklore and theatre is the main aim of the Academy. The Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy receives grants from the Government of Karnataka for exness register running and managing its activities.

Konkani is an ancient language. However, it did not receive royal patronage for a long time. But recently the State of Goa adopted Konkani as its State Language. Total number of Konkani speaking population in India is a little over 50 lakhs. Of these over 25 lakhs of Konkani speaking people are in Karnataka alone. The language until recently was not taught as an academic language in the schools. However, people speak, write and read Konkani quite a lot. There is ample literature in Konkani, in Kannada script in Karnataka.

In order that the language may thrive and culture of the exness com people be preserved, the Academy has the task of promoting the language through various programmes in which people take part. For example, there are literary workshops, seminars and training programmes of translation from other languages. One of the most important programmes of the Academy is presenting Annual Awards to persons for their outstanding achievement in Konkani language in the field of  literature, dramatics, singing, folk arts and journalism. A book Award is also presented to three authors or poets for their published works.